Is anyone working on the history of the Daughters in the period from c1920-1950? I have a feeling that we are about to leapfrog this era in historical research and move from the 19thC to the Vatican II era. Topics could be the impact of the Code of Canon Law; impact of the two World Wars;  modernity and anti-modernism; adaptation (or not) to changes in society.   I am also interested in broader contextual history for religious sisters in this period - my own focus is Great Britain.  Thank you.  

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Hi Susan,

Matthieu Brejon de Lavergnee is finishing the second volume of his history of the Daughters of Charity which I believe will extend into the mid-20th century......  

Ed Udovic

Thanks very much Fr Ed.  I am in contact with Matthieu about other things but had not realised his study was extending beyond the 19thC.     May I take this opportunity to thank you for your work on Father General Etienne which I have found fascinating and very helpful.  It has been really important for the way I have framed my own work and discussions of 'Frenchness', centralisation and uniformity as part of the experience in Britain.  

Susan O'Brien

Hi Susan,

Vincentian Heritage is always looking for articles......


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