I am trying to source the artist and location for the painting of the four martyrs of Arras in the guillotine cart on their way to martyrdom.  Pointers welcome. 

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Hi Susan,  Let me do some sleuthing....  I think all of these images come from around the time of their beatification.


Many thanks Ed.  I'm most grateful.  This image and the one of Marguerite Rutan are used on several Vincentian websites but no source seems to be given about the paintings themselves.


Hi Susan,

I was at the archives of the Daughters in Paris last week, and saw the original of this painting.  Unfortunately, it was not signed.....

Ed Udovic

Tableau de Moreau Deschanvres......

Many, many thanks.  So timely too as I was just doing last corrections with the graphics person.  Susan

Auguste Moreau-Deschanvres  (1838-1913).  The is some information about him available online......


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