'The Association' referred to by the Blessed Virgin in her message to Catherine Laboure

“A remember that one day I said to Father Aladel: 'The Holy Virgin asks of you a mission. She desires that an Association be started, and you are to be its founder and director. The group will be a Confraternity of Daughters of Mary, to which Holy Virgin will grant many graces. Indulgences will be given them. They will be very happy."

Laurentin-Roche p.357

I am confused by conflicting sources and wondered if anyone could shed some light.  Some sources seem to see the sodality - The Association of the Children Mary - as the association confided to Aladel by the Blessed Virgin's message while others give it as the Association of the Miraculous Medal being confided to a priest of the Congregation of the Mission  (eg the account given by Enrique Rivas Villas at the centenary meeting of the Association of the Miraculous Medal in 2009 printed in Vincentiana Vol 53)

Is that before 1909 the message was thought to refer to the Children of Mary and then there was a change of mind?  If so, why?

Altogether I find the history of the AMM rather difficult to get hold of and wondered if there are any sources other than Vincentiana Vol 53. No 6 2009?


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Hi Susan,

I'll try to do a little research, but I believe the association is the children of Mary which was seemingly present everywhere the Daughters served.  I think the Miraculous Medal Associations evolved separately and later.....  I think I've also found the artist for the martyrs of Arras painting.  I found a 1920 issue of the french newspaper "Le Pelerin"  the image online wasn't clear but I'm sure the attribution is there.  I'll let you know when I find out.

Ed Udovic

After doing some research I think that the association was clearly the "children of Mary" which became ubiquitous at Daughters' institutions world-wide.  Now the "children of Mary" clearly drew their inspiration from Our Lady of the MM.  However, I think there is scant evidence for the MM associations being founded or influential until much, much later.......


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