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St. Vincent de Paul Image Archive

Since 2008, the St. Vincent de Paul Image Archive has been offering a large collection of downloadable images related to the Vincentian family. Thanks to DePaul University, which hosts the archive, more than 15,000 images are now available, divided into four general categories: Vincent de Paul, Louise de Marillac and the Daughters of Charity, Vincentian Persons, and Vincentian Places.…


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Coste English edition, index volume

After nearly forty years of work, the final volume of the English translation of Pierre Coste's edition of the Correspondence, Conferences, and Documents of Vincent de Paul is to appear shortly.

Consult the flyer below for publication information.

The annotated Index for the entire series, Vincent de Paul, Correspondence, Conferences, Documents, is now available. This is your opportunity to complete your set of the marvelous collection of…


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Recent additions

The St. Vincent

de Paul Image Archive, to use its proper name, continues to grow in the number of images being

posted. DePaul University hosts this collection of images, and it can be

accessed by clicking on this url:…


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17th Century "Photographs"

It isn’t possible to look at photographs of 17th century France, but the closest we can come are the engravings of Abraham Bosse (1604-76). He was a master engraver of all sorts of subjects, including portraiture. For us, the most interesting will probably be his scenes of ordinary life, with particular emphasis on the depictions of the poor. He showed artisans at… Continue

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New Vincent books

Vincent de Paul continues to be a favorite subject for books. Two new French titles have recently appeared. The first consists of a small collection Vincent texts only, with no editor mentioned in the book's front matter. There is no commentary on these texts. Published Paris, Le Laurier, 2010.…


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Vincent's knife

In Vincent’s time, people normally had their own eating utensils. To pick up and eat their food, many used their fingers, which they would clean with a cloth and/or bread. As to the utensils, normally a knife and spoon—forks were a new import from Italy, often used only in upper-class settings—these were also cleaned at the table by the eater and wrapped up in a cloth to…


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New St. Vincent painting

Actually, this is an old St. Vincent painting, from the 18th century. The original is in the chapel of the Hospital of St. Eutrope (now Hôpital Thermal) in Dax, the hospital where the newly beatified Sr. Marguerite Rutan, D.C., was Sister Servant at the time of the Revolution. The painting hangs above the main altar.

The image is new for the St. Vincent Image… Continue

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Collaborators sought

One of the longest and as yet untranslated series of eye-witness accounts of the life of Vincent de Paul comes from Bro. Louis Robineau. He was the founder’s secretary for several years and after the saint’s death he pulled together his notes. These he arranged according the virtues that Vincent practiced, such as humility, devotion, zeal, etc. He did not write a biography, however.

André Dodin published the first transcription of the French original only in 1991, but this was later… Continue

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Update on the St. Vincent de Paul Image Archive

Thanks to DePaul University’s college of Computing and Digital Media (CDM), there is a readily accessible archive of Vincentian images. This has grown since its beginning in 2008 to have the largest collection of these images. We began with St. Vincent images, and then added St. Louise de Marillac, various Vincentian persons (mainly members of the Congregation of the…


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Update on The Vincentians. A General History of the Congregation of the Mission.

This work, the first general history of the Congregation, was begun by Luigi Mezzadri, C.M., and the late José María Román, C.M. They published the first volume in 1992, and it was soon translated from Italian into Spanish, French, and Polish. The English volume appeared in 2009. In all, six volumes will appear in English.

Volume 2 was published, in part, in Italian by Luigi Mezzadri, C.M., and Francesca Onnis, Rome, 2000. The work is currently out of print. It will be republished…


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