Hospice et charité: les Lazaristes au Collège des Irlandais, 1858-1945

An exhibition on the Lazarists' role at the Irish College in Paris during the war-torn period between 1858 and 1945 will be opened on 11 September 2014. The 'vernissage' will take place at the Centre Culturel Irlandais (Irish College), 5, rue des Irlandais, Paris. The exhibition, based on my research at the College during summer 2013, brings some terrific documents to light, and tells the story of the Lazarists' role in organising charity and relief during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) and World War II. All interested in Franco-Irish relations, and the history of the Lazarists in France should find something interesting! All confreres and other curious historians finding themselves in Paris are encouraged to come view this exhibition! 

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