VHRN Book of the Week: Love and Politics: The Revolutionary Frederic Ozanam

Love and Politics: The Revolutionary Frederic Ozanam by John Honner, (Melbourne, Austrialia: David Lovell Publishing, 2007), pp. 121.  ISBN 9-78186355-121-2.  www.davidlovellpublishing.com

From the cover jacket:

"Frederic Ozanam is best known for founding the St. Vincent de Paul Society when he was a student at the University of Paris.  This book explores his later life and in particular his involvement in the revolutionary politics of 1850, when Karl Marx released his Communist Manifesto and Victor Hugo was completed Les Miserables. Ozanam emerges as a prophet for our own times, particularly with reference to debates about religion and politics, and about welfare and charity."

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Comment by Javier F. Chento on July 22, 2014 at 11:27am

It seems to be out of print today. Could anyone help me to find a reliable source to buy it?


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