VHRN Research Resource: Annales de la Congregation de la Mission

Annales de la congregation de la Mission et de la compagnie des filles de la Charite, 1833-1963.


The Annales de la Congregation de la Mission began to appear in 1834.  The journal's early purpose can easily be gathered from the subtitle: "Collection of edifying letter written by priests of this Congregation employed in the foreign missions."  The periodical was founded under the initiative of Jean-Baptiste Etienne in his responsibility for the foreign missions of the Congregation.  In this, he was following earlier precedents, such as those of the Jesuits, who in the eighteenth century had publicized their mission in Lettres edifiantes et curieuses, and the Foreign Mission Society of Paris with its Nouvelles lettres edifiantes des Missions de la Chine et des Indes orientales, from 1818 to 1823.  Etienne most closely copied the annales de la Propagation de la Foi, whose articles he copies and imitated in content, edifying purpose, and format.

(Notes by John Rybolt, C.M.)   The entire run of Les Annales has been digitzed and is available on Via Sapientiae. http://vis.library.depaul.edu/annales/


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