Mission et Charite was a publication undertaken by the scholarly Andre Dodin, C.M., (1911-1996), with the help of his close friend and colleague, Maurice Vansteenkiste, C.M., (1915-2007), trained in biblical studies.  Its purpose was highlighted on its nearly invariable cover, "Doctrine, Action." Similar to the Petites Annales published 1900-1903, this journal sought to explore the dynamism of the teaching of Vincent de Paul.  Coming after the celebration of the tercentenary of the deaths of Saints Louise de Marillac and Vincent de Paul, it intended to continue the interest and advances made at that time.  Also like the Petites Annales, its purpose was not to supplant the Annales de la Congregation de la Mission, but to supplment that publication.  In fact, however, the Annales ceased publication in 1963.

Mission et Charite began publishing in January 1962 and continued until its final number in June 1970.  Scheduled to appear four times a year, it often managed to publish only three times a year, but in this case two issue numbers simultaneously.  In general, it averaged about 100 pages per issue.  The final number had been pllaned as 19-20, for 1965, but delays kept it unpulished until it came out as the issue for January-June 1970.  Its special importance is that it collected and published materials that supplemented the edition of the correspondence, conferences and documents of Saint Vincent de Paul published by Pierre Coste, 1920-1925.

Later issues concentrated on themes, such as the work of Pere Pouget, or on other topics of the day, many of which were being discussed at the Second Vatican Council: famine, peace, renewal, ecumenism, tradition. Father Dodin sought authors amongs his confreres in the Congregation, as well as from friends in the scholarly world.  One name that appears occasionally is Jules Melot, a pseudonym for Raymond Chalumeau, C.M. To help researchers, the text is available electronically.  In addition, there are two indices. The first was a work of Vansteenkiste.  It consists of a list of articles, arranged thematically, appearing at the end of numbers 35-36.  The second, by Francois Garnier, is a privately made index, typewritten and corrected by hand.  In a separate file, it consists principally of names of persons and places mentioned in 36 numbers of Mission et Charite.

John E. Rybolt, C.M., December 2008



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