Finding the original French text of quote attributed to St. Vincent de Paul

I've been contacted by a stained-glass artist looking for the original French text of the following quote attributed to St. Vincent DePaul:

"Humility and charity are the two highest master-cords: one, the lowest; the other, the highest; all the others are dependent on them. Therefore it is necessary, above all, to maintain ourselves in two virtues; for observe well that the preservation of the whole edifice depends on the foundation and the roof."

The artist wishes to incorporate this passage in a stained glass window for St. Vincent DePaul in Mays Landing, NJ.
Any assistance anyone can offer would be deeply appreciated.  Thank you so much.

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I've searched and searched through Vincent's writings and don't find any quote close to this......

Thanks so much for your help, Father Udovic!  I'm very appreciative of your generosity.  Joe Chorpenning, OSFS

If the artist can tell me where he got the English quote from, I might be able to do a little more detective work.  Sometimes quotations are created, sometimes they're adapted, sometimes they're a little too loosely translated.

Hi, I am the artist referenced above. I found the quote in several places online. It appears here about halfway down the page:

also here under readings:

Any information would be helpful

Hi Ken,

I can confirm that this is NOT a quote from Saint Vincent de Paul.  I've scanned the 8,000 pages of the authentic edition of Vincent and  the quote does not appear.  I believe it is from Saint Francis de Sales.  We do have a site that you can trust for a selection of Vincent quotes.  Google"  "What did Vincent say?"

Yes, you are correct. I just discovered that myself by searching using a rough French translation I got from Google translate. I came up with a hit for St Francis. I am looking at the site you suggested. Are there links to the French text anywhere? I hit a dead end when I use the "details" link.

I also responded to you by email so our messages might be out of sync.



If you find an English quote that you like let me know and I'll get you the original French.

Thank you for your help.

At this point, I am planning to use the following quote which, through your site, I was able to also track down the corresponding French text.

The Church is compared to a great harvest field that needs laborers, but the laborers are wanting. There is nothing more in keeping with the Gospel than, on the one hand, to gather up light and strength for the soul in prayer, spiritual reading, and solitude, and then to go forth and dispense this spiritual good to men. This is doing what our Lord, and his Apostles after him, enjoined. This is to join the office of Martha and Mary. This is to imitate the dove, that half digests its food and then with its beak places the remainder in the mouths of its young to feed them. That is how we should act, that is how we should bear witness to God, by our deeds, that we love him! Totum opus nostrum in operatione consistit.

L'Église est comparée à une grande moisson qui requiert des ouvriers, mais des ouvriers qui travaillent; il n'y a rien de plus conforme à l'Evangile que d'amasser d'un côté des lumières et des forces pour son âme dans l'oraison, dans la lecture et dans la solitude, et d'aller ensuite faire part aux hommes de cette nourriture spirituelle. C'est faire comme Notre-Seigneur a fait, et après lui ses apôtres. C'est joindre l'office de Marthe à celui de Marie. C'est imiter la colombe qui digère à moitié la pâture qu'elle a prise, et puis met le reste par son bec dans celui de ses petits, pour les nourrir. Voila comme nous devons faire, voila comme nous devons témoigner à Dieu par nos œuvres que nous l'aimons: totum opus nostrum in operatione consistit

Here are some other quotes I am considering:

"It is absolutely necessary,
both for our advancement and the salvation of others,
to follow always and in all things the beautiful
"Consider God's generosity towards you
rather than your own unworthiness
in His sight,
and live His strength,
rather than in the thoughts of your own weakness."
"Put your trust in God's goodness and offer
yourself frequently to God that He may accomplish
His good pleasure in and through you."


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