Dear Vincentian History Research Network:
I'm a Roman Catholic doctoral student at Georgetown University studying early 20th century Chinese Catholicism. I'm writing to see if you might be able to suggest any readings for better understanding the CM/Lazarist/Vincentian theology of mission during the early 20th century.
Since I am stronger in my knowledge of domestic secular Chinese history than the European debates over theology of mission, I am seeking suggestions for how best to understand the nuances of Lazarist/Vincentian approaches. I know, for instance, that in Western Europe there were the Meunster (Schmidlin) and Louvain (Pierre Charles) schools of missiology; but I'm wary of making too much of that binary and not sure if it really applies to how the Congregation of the Mission itself was thinking about mission and forming its priests in theologies of mission.
Can you help suggest texts or scholars whose work might help me with any of these questions?
- What is distinctive about the CM's approach to mission, different from other mission congregations in China?
- How would have late 19th/early 20th century European priests been formed in mission (aka, what were they learning, reading, taught in formation?)
- Did the CM leadership recommend any particular mission theory, and what sources should I consult to figure it out?
Thanks for any suggestions!

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