"J'ai voulu donner aux femmes un ministère dans l'Eglise, le ministère de la Charité." 

"I wanted to give women a ministry in the Church, the ministry of Charity."

can anyone tell me the source of this quotation of Saint Vincent. 

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I have checked thoroughly in both the English and French versions of Coste, and I do not find this quotation.  A google search shows two uses in France; one for the Ladies of Charity and another for the diocese of Aire.  It is not unusual for quotations to be made up, or changed so much from the original that they cannot be found in a search.

Dear Fr. Udovic, 

thanks a lot for your time.

i will be presenting my thesis on 'saint Vincent de Paul and the promotion of the vocation of women in the church and the society of the seventeenth century' on 19th January 2018, in the university of Lyon. 

it is a few weeks back that i found this quotation.  i too searched for the source but without success.

thanks again, 

mathew k cm

Great.  Good luck on your thesis.  I would be very interested in reading it......


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